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Name:Liangyungang Jiewei Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Product Name: Dimethyl sulfate
CAS No: 77-78-1
Product Type: Organic Chemicals and Derivatives -> Aliphatic compounds
Product spec: 99%
Packing: drum
Valid Period: 2023-11-01
Description: Dimethyl sulfate, organic compounds, colorless or slightly yellow, slightly oily onion flammable liquid, easily at 50 ℃ or alkaline hydrolysis of sulfuric acid and methanol rapidly. Decompose slowly in cold water. When exposed to heat, flame or oxidizers flammable. Dimethyl sulfate methylation is to allow DNA reagents. After methylation, DNA methylation can be degraded position.
Recipient: Weichun Wang Company: Liangyungang Jiewei Chemical Co., Ltd.
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